Cost of Detox

The cost of a detox for Heroin ranges throughout the country. Our 5 residential Rehab and detox centres offer programmes from 10 days to 12 weeks. If you are on a Methadone script, We can detox you from Methadone if you prefer. It not we can use many other drugs to get tis process done successfully. We will only advise you on the best programmes for you, and at the most affordable prices available. A Heroin Detox does not have to cost the earth if done correctly.

A detox for a loved one

(This is more for the family) Do understand that just having a detox alone, will not get your loved one free from their Heroin addiction, as they need to get over the “physiological aspects of addiction”. A detox is just the name for the process of removing the substance of choice from the body. There is a lot more involved in getting someone clean from Heroin, and more to the point, staying clean. Call our team for more details of how the process will be, and how long it should take. Tel: 07811 606 606 (Open 24 hours)

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