Funding is not easy to get, and unless you, (or a loved one) are really at the stage where you have had enough, and you really do want to stop. Other than that, there is no point calling.

Funding really is only available for people who are desperate to stop. This is because there are only limited funds out there, and they need to be spent wisely. So, it is no good you calling for someone else. (unless they are too ill to call themselves). If you or a loved one were desperate enough, you would make the steps yourselves and pick up the phone yourself. This is the mind-set you need to be thinking in. Its time for you the addict to get up and do it. It is not someones else’s responsibility.

We are happy to talk to addicts and families alike, and help in all forms of intervention, as and when it is needed. As with all the help and advice we offer, there is NO charge to you or your family.

Why not call our team today for further help and advice and see how we can help you or a loved one. Tel: 0845 3881 543 or mobiles call Tel: 07811 606 606  (24 hours)

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